Welcome to ACTIVE Property Services

Where we pride ourselves on simplicity, stress-free and sensational service, where we tailor our systems to your requirements. 

"Property Managers never return calls"..."I can never find a decent property manager"..."They never provide feedback" 

These are some of the most frequent complaints in the property management industry. However here at ACTIVE Property Services we are actively involved in the success and growth of your investment. We know how to communicate with you and that is the key to a prosperous partnership.


We offer an 'All Inclusive Fee Option' with no hidden charges. One simple, easy to understand fee, for absolute complete peace of mind that covers every possible cost. A property manager who knows you and understands your needs and level of attention. 

Stress Free

We guarantee we will manage your property like it's our own, we manage all aspects of investment property, we can pay on your behalf rates, strata fees, insurances and maintenance, so that all your property costs appear on one easy statement. 

ACTIVE Property Services can arrange routine gardening services, pool maintenance, RCD and smoke alarm compliance. Only using reliable, tested and value for money contractors to complete these services. Should you have your own contractors, we will ensure we only use your approved trades people.


Providing first class customer service, not only because of the excellent culture that we provide or the positive atmosphere we surround ourselves in but because of our ever growing desire and hunger to be the best support for you and your investments. 

This drives us and ensures all our owners and tenants receive sufficient time and effortless communication, this is what determines an average management experience to an exceptional one.

ACTIVE Property Services consider regular up to date and knowledgeable communication to be an integral part of our Active package. We don't need to lock you into a management authority contract, we are that confident in our business that you will never want to leave.

Below are just a few of the exceptional services that we are committed to provide;

  • Our routine inspections details the current status of your property, accompanied by any recommendations concerning any preventative or necessary maintenance. Routine Inspections are documented with accompanying photos.
  • Through consistent professional development, we continue to stay ahead of any changing legislation which may affect you.
  • We will conduct multiple home opens outside of office hours if required, to tenant your valuable investment property, if we can't let it within the month you will receive a discounted rate.
  • Tenant applications are gold and will be processed promptly and thoroughly. Our applicants will be rigorously vetted to assist us in providing the finest quality tenant. All applications will be processed and presented to you for your approval.
  • We have a strict zero tolerance to rent arrears because we know the importance of cash flow in successfully maintaining a property portfolio. Our systems monitor rental payments and auto generate the necessary documents to tenants and to you to keep you updated. 
  • To decrease the likelihood of late rental payments, we arrange for tenants to pay by either electronic transfer, online facilities, or cash.

If you would like a free property appraisal click the link and let us Actively manage your investment.