Active Property Services

1. The tenant/s agrees to pay all rental payments by the due date and are aware that failure to do so will result in a *Notice of Breach Agreement to Pay Rent* being issued and that a *Notice of Termination of the Agreement* will then be issued if the rental payments remains unpaid.

2. The preferred way to pay rent in our office is via RentPay * The easy way to pay your rent. Whilst Rentpay can be offered as the Active Property Services primary or preferred payment network processor, the services offered by Rentpay are strictly optional. The agent agrees, by accessing this system, that at no time will they offer the services of Rentpay as an exclusive option to their Tenants. Paycorp Holdings Pty Limited provides the Rentpay processing system through its membership services only, and recognises that other services exist which may be more appropriate.

3. The tenant/s is aware that the rental amount may be subject to a rent review at the 6-month mark, however any increase shall not exceed the fair market value.

4. The tenant/s are aware that routine inspections will be carried out. The first inspection will be 6 weeks from commencement of lease and then quarterly intervals after the initial. The tenant/s are aware that at the inspection, photos of the property will be taken.

5. Should there be floorboards the tenant/s agree to use felt floorboard protectors under all furniture, should this not occur the tenant/s agrees to any damage costs associated and will be charged accordingly.

6. The tenant/s is aware that smoking is not permitted inside the premises and if smoking occurs the tenant may be liable for the costs of repainting and replacement of window treatments and floor coverings.

7. The tenant/s agree to keep the property reasonably clean and tidy.

8. The tenant/s agrees to keep the hygiene levels high, to avoid pests and vermin. Should they come in contact with pest, tenant/s are aware that it is there reasonability to maintain the hygiene levels, bait and fumigate the premises.

9. The tenant/s agrees to regularly clean and maintain the air conditioner filters, the exhaust fans and the range hood vents to a high standard. The tenant/s agrees to not use a metal scour to clean kitchen utensils and equipment to avoid damage.

10. The tenant/s not to park any boat trailer or vehicles on the laws and or garden areas. Should the lawns and gardens not be well maintained the tenant/s authorise the agent to engage a gardening contractor to attend monthly at the tenant/s cost.

11. The tenant agrees not to place any pot plant directly on the carpet/ floorboards. Any damage or costs involved in rectifying the issue will be by the tenant.

12. There is to be no pets on the property unless otherwise approved by the owner and a pet bond has been supplied, in which case fumigation must take place at the end of the tenancy at the tenant/s cost.

13. The tenant is aware that noise is to be kept to a minimum so not to disturb other residents in the vicinity.

14. The property is fitted with the required hard wired smoke alarms; the tenants is aware that it is their responsibility to replace the battery in the alarm when required. The tenant is also aware that that the smoke alarm uses a non-alkaline battery. The property is fitted with the required RCD*s in the electrical meter box. The tenant/s is aware that it is important for them to periodically, throughout the year test these by pushing the test button.

15. The agent reserves the rights to engage contractors to complete work on behalf of the tenant/s and costs deducted from the bond, if the property is not in the same condition as entry.

16. The tenant/s acknowledges that any breach, termination or outstanding funds during or upon expiry of the tenancy agreement may be recorded on the Residential Tenancy Database.

17. On exit of the property the tenant agrees to have all the carpets professionally cleaned by a contractor and a receipt to be produced to Active Property Services upon handing in the keys. The tenant/s agrees that all linen and bedding must be professional laundered upon vacating the premises.

18. The tenant agrees to pay a water meter reading fee at the end of the tenancy as charged by the Water Corporation for purpose of calculating water consumption.

19. The tenant/s agrees that if further occupants wish to reside at the property, they must complete an application form and be approved by the owner prior to moving in.

20. The tenant/s agrees to keep the agent informed of current contact details and change in circumstance by providing new and current details.

21. The tenant/s is aware that all maintenance reports must be in writing via our online maintenance request form.

22. Should you need to break your lease agreement prior to the end date the tenant/s is aware that they will be special conditions and several fees involved, and notice should be given as soon as possible to the agent to avoid further fees.

23. The tenant/s agrees to give a minimum of thirty (30) days* notice of their intention to vacate the property at the end of this or subsequent leases should they not intend to renew for a further period.

24. The tenant/s is aware in the last 21 days of the lease agreement the agent can open and show prospective tenants through the property for a reasonable number of times and after providing reasonable notice.

25. The tenant/s are aware that they will be charged rent until the keys have been handed in upon vacating the property.