Welcome to ACTIVE Property Services 

Whether you are planning a local move or relocating to another city or state, ACTIVE Property Services can help you find the perfect home to rent. 

We understand what it is to be a tenant and what you need from your property manager.

After you view a home or apartment you like, you can make an immediate application online through our tenant application tab on our webpage and a representative will be in touch with you soon after to discuss.

Once you have been approved, ACTIVE Property Services will guide you through the entire process, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new home.

We'll also assist you with organising any maintenance or repairs you may require during the course of your tenancy and answer any other questions about renting that may arise during your lease.

Here at ACTIVE Property Services we know you deserve knowledgeable, effective and fast responses to your questions and concerns. This is why we guarantee first class customer service.

Commencing your Tenancy 

Upon notice of your successful application, your property manager will arrange an appointment with to meet at our office to sign all relevant documentation. 

On going costs include 4 weeks rent for the bond, which will be held at the Department of Commerce Bond Administration, a pet bond of $260.00 (if you have approved pets) plus 2 weeks rent in advance. These monies will need to paid prior to you receiving the keys or commencement of lease agreement. The full amount owning and method of payment will be outlined to you via email prior to this appointment. 

At this appointment it is the time to ask any questions you may have regarding the tenancy, it is normally a good idea to allow yourself at least 1 hour for this. 

A property condition report will be created at the start of the tenancy to reflect the condition of the property before you enter. This report will be given to you at your sign up appointment. It is important that as soon as you receive possession of the property, you thoroughly read through the report and comment on any discrepancies. The property condition report must be signed by all tenants and returned to our office within 7 days from the tenancy start date. This report will be the basis for the final bond report held at the end of tenancy. If this report is not returned the original report will be used at the final inspection. 

Rental Payments

To make paying rent as easy as possible, you can pay by either electronic transfer, online facilities through our webpage, or cash. Your rent must be paid in full and on time, we have a strict zero tolerance to rent arrears this means that your rental payments will need to be in our account the day it is due. If you fall into arrears you will be breached and if not rectified within the time frame a termination letter will be sent. 


Your comfort in your home is of the utmost importance to us, therefore, if anything operational needs repairing such as blockages, broken lights, power points, oven or stove top elements or you're having issues with water, electricity or gas not working, please complete the online maintenance request form in the tenant tab and we will rectify the situation immediately. 

If there is an afterhours emergency at the property, i.e. no hot water/water, no electricity or gas then please call through to 08 9481 1118 and this will redirect you through to the afterhours duty phone, where a property manager will be on call. For all other maintenance this will be attended to the next business day. 


Routine Inspections will be carried out 6 weeks after your tenancy starts and then quarterly after that. The inspections are to check that the property is in good working order and being well maintained. The inspection will be carried out by your property manager and reported to the owner. 

You will be notified with a minimum of 7 days' notice but no more than 14 days that an inspection will be taking place. This notice will come via email to your chosen email address. 

Lock Out Procedure 

All lost keys are the responsibility of the tenant. If you lock yourself out of your property during office hours, you can collect our office set of keys upon presentation of photo identification. Please note we are not able to give keys to anyone who is NOT on the lease or listed as an approved occupant. 

Outside of office hours, tenants will need to contact a locksmith for access at their own expense. Should the locksmith need to replace the locks, a new set of keys will need to be provided to Active Property Services without delay. 

 End of Lease 

For tenants who are vacating the property at the end of their lease, and do not wish to resign, 30 days written notice is required, via the online intention to vacate form and you must pay rent up to and including vacation date. 

Break Lease 

If a tenant wishes to break their lease early, they should try to give as much notice so the property manager can take all reasonable steps to find a replacement tenant as soon as possible. Tenants are required to submit the intention to vacate form located on the tenant's tab on our webpage. Once the property manager has received your notice, they will be in contact with you to complete a break lease form which needs to be signed by all tenants agreeing to pay the below costs; 

  • Rent is to be paid until the time a new tenant lease commences or their current lease expires 
  • The unexpired portion of the owners letting fee 
  • Advertising costs 
  • New Tenant Checks 
  • Any required cleaning, carpet cleaning or gardening costs until a new tenant is found. 
  • Bond inspection 

Final Bond Inspection 

At the end of your tenancy, you must hand over possession on the last day of your lease agreement before close of business, unless otherwise specified. 

A final bond inspection will be carried out once the keys have been returned to ACTIVE Property Services. This will be completed by comparing the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy with the property condition report that you were given at the commencement of your tenancy, this will determine if your bond money will be returned. 

If further cleaning or maintenance due to damage is required, please note that this will be the responsibility of the tenant and can be taken from the bond. 

Tenants are required to have all carpets within the rental property professionally steam cleaned upon vacation of the house.

We know you will have a very happy and successful tenancy with ACTIVE. 

Should you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact ACTIVE Property Services at admin@activepropertyservices.com.au